Head off-grid with Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Editorial Team — 24 June 2024

We all love exploring Australia’s best off-grid campsites, and having a good solar power setup is a must.

Projecta has become a household name for Aussie adventurers, and its wide range of battery and power management solutions can be found throughout the camper and RV industry. Having plenty of solar power to rely on can make all the difference when heading off-grid. And thankfully, Projecta has a good selection of solar products to choose from, ranging from soft folding through to your more traditional fixed panels.

The Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are one of the brand’s latest additions and provide a quick and easy solution for campers who want to add a bit of extra sun-fed power to their off-grid lifestyle but don’t have the flat space needed for a traditional panel.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

Two models

The Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are available in two models: the 12V 100W (SPF100-MC4), which is designed to supply power to small and medium appliances; and the 12V 180W model (SPF180-MC4), which is suitable for charging larger battery banks that support multiple or big appliances.

Compact design

Both the 100W and 180W products are built using high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, which provide efficient and strong output when converting sunlight to power while also retaining a compact design. When it comes to size, the 100W panel measures at 1035mm x 520mm x 3mm and the 180W is 1520mm x 680mm x 3mm.

The flex feature

As the name suggests, one of the standout features of these solar panels is that they are semi-flexible. Rolling them up isn’t on the table, but with a 400mm maximum bending radius you’ll have plenty of options for where to mount them. This amount of flexibility means you aren't limited to areas that are completely flat — instead, the panel can mould to the slight contour of your camper, 4WD, boat or RV as needed.

Every panel comes ready with a durable adhesive backing and pre-fitted MC4 type connectors, ensuring a simple, secure and permanent installation process. If done correctly, the panels should stay in place for the next 20 years. The light weight of the construction makes putting them up easy and should be a very minimal additional weight to your overall towing setup.

Powering up with Projecta

The Semi-Flexible Solar Panels can be paired perfectly with Projecta’s solar controllers, lithium batteries and DC chargers, and are a great option to add to your off-grid camping setup.

The 100W and 180W solar panels are available from leading camping, outdoor adventure and 4WD outlets around Australia for a RRP of $770 and $1144, respectively.

To find out more about Projecta’s range of products, head to its website.


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