Mars Campers Extremo: Review

Michael Borg — 26 August 2015

Why do we choose to buy a camper trailer over other types of RVs? Like many others, I choose to use a camper trailer for the simplicity and comfort they bring to the table.

Sure, a full-sized caravan or motorhome can offer these same qualities, but add in the ability to get off the beaten track, along with the freedom that comes with it and I’d say you’ve pretty much got the perfect camping setup. On that note, after spending the last week testing the all new Extremo hardfloor camper from Mars Campers, I’m rapt to say it ticks all of the above boxes and then some.


Just when you thought a one-person setup was impressive, the guys at Mars Campers have gone further and added a few struts and a 3000lb electric winch to help take out the stress of setting up camp. And it works pretty damn well if you ask me!

The struts are rated high enough so that as soon as you unclip the latches they basically swing the lid over for you; all you need to do is operate it with the remote winch control and, apart from adjusting a few internal poles, you’re done! How’s that for simple? When the time comes to pack up again, it’s just a matter of loosening the pole adjusters off and pressing the ‘IN’ button on the winch. As you would imagine, you’ll have to pack the canvas in a bit, but there’s not much more to it than that.

Now, relying on an electric winch setup can be a bit of a risk if you ask me. I mean, it’s pretty easy for the battery to go dead, or the winch to completely cark it, isn’t it? Trying to close the camper by hand against the struts isn’t going to be pleasant, either. The good news is, it’s not all that hard to disconnect the struts before closing up the camper by hand. So, in the rare event something did happen, it’s not a massive problem.  


Okay, so we’ve established that the Extremo is a nice and simple camper to set up, but how comfortable is it? The short answer is ‘very’! It’s got all the features you need for a week or two of comfortable camping, which is not bad for a $13,990 price tag, eh?

To ensure cooking is a breeze, the guys at Mars have done away with the traditional two-burner stove that most campers in this price range use, and fitted a four-burner stove, which is absolutely perfect for family camping. It’s part of the full stainless steel slide-out kitchen, which also incorporates a full-size sink complete with a 12V electric water pump and a large, usable swing-out bench, too. On the same side, you’ll find the full-size fridge slide is built into the front storage box, nice and close to the kitchen.

There’s a 70L water tank on board, and there’s also cut-outs to make two jerry can holders and two 9kg cylinder holders at the front, too. Being cut-outs means the jerry can holders are a very tight fit, and aren’t adjustable at all, so you’ll need to buy the right jerry cans to suit the holders. Even then, you’ll need the lid open for the jerry can to slide in to let the air escape as it gets squeezed.

Lighting wise, you’ll find there’s a twin 12V socket, an LED strip light inside the tent. The quality of these electrical components isn’t what you’d call top notch, but they’ll get the job done.


To tell you the truth, for $13,990, I think the Extremo is the very meaning of value for money. It’s a solid unit, it incorporates all of the features you’ll need for a comfortable and effortless adventure and it does it all at a very reasonable price, too.

What I really like about this unit is that you can tell the blokes who build these things are actually campers themselves. How do I know this? Well, any camper with this many features will have to compromise on something, but the Extremo has the right quality gear where it’s truly needed.

Sure, there are a few little knick-knacks that
you could improve, but if you’re looking for a hardfloor camper trailer in this price range, I reckon you’d be mad if you didn’t check this one out for yourself!


I liked…

  • Super easy to set up
  • Solid feel throughout
  • Great size kitchen for family

I would have liked…

  • Would like to see a battery included as standard
  • Jerry can storage is awkward and fiddly
  • No floor adjustment legs, making it hard on uneven ground


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