On the Road: Carol and her Cub Supamatic

Scott Heiman — 17 March 2017

Camping in a national park down the South Coast of NSW recently, we were struck by the diverse range of rigs set up around us. And while it’s always great to see a new camper trailer that’s fresh from the factory floor, the rigs that turn heads tend to be those with character built on vintage credentials. So I know I wasn’t the only person on site who noticed the well maintained, compact, beige 1983 Cub Supamatic, in contrast to the heftier, powder-coated camper trailers and slab-sided caravans nearby.

The classic elegance of the Cub Supamatic suited its owner Carol to a tee. When we met her, Carol was settled in with a good meal, a good friend, a cheerful disposition and some good stories to share.

Carol and her Cub looked like they’d been great travel companions for years so we were surprised to learn that the van was a relatively recent purchase. Having tent-camped since the era of Woodstock, Carol purchased her first camper trailer a couple of years back in search of an easier set up and to provide extra accommodation in her backyard for visiting family.

“I purchased a 2015 Supamatic Escape from Cub Campers of North Rocks”, she told us. She thought it was wonderful, but too hard to set up, so she approached the factory and was delighted when they agreed to re-sell the camper on her behalf.  “I cannot recommend their honesty and professionalism enough,” she told us. 

Still really happy with the layout of the Cub Supamatic, Carol sought a smaller version she could manage and found the original 1983 model Supamatic still had the features she loved in a much smaller package. Backed by her confidence in the Cub brand, Carol found her little van at the right size and the right price. With only one owner before her, the rig was well maintained and with no modifications or repairs required. Her Supamatic now offers her the opportunity to get away whenever she wants, particularly with good friends who also own campers and caravans.

Some of the features that Carol particularly appreciates are the speed with which it can be set up and packed up.  She also enjoys its cosy atmosphere and its capacity to stand firm, even in high winds. 

Despite her experience with Cub, Carol didn’t consider herself a brand loyalist until we pointed it out to her. Good sales experience and after-market support might not have sold Carol on the 2015 Cub Supamatic, but it certainly led her to the 34 year-old little Cub that she owns today. And it would be hard to find a better ambassador than Carol for the brand and the lifestyle it can offer.


Name: Carol

Where’s home: South Coast, NSW

Home on the road: 1983 Cub Supamatic

Camper mods: None

Tow vehicle: Ford Escape

Vehicle mods: None

Scariest moment: “I haven’t had one to date!”  We hope she maintains this record for a long time to come.

Lessons learnt: “When purchasing a camper trailer, don’t just watch the salesperson put up the camper. Do it yourself. Hands-on experience will let you know if you can cope with the setup.”

Lessons learnt: Carol told us she intends to “always have a ‘Cub’ camper standing by – for “quick getaways”.  The only challenge she now faces is to ensure that her getaways don’t coincide with her son’s because he likes using the Cub, too, when he wants to go camping with his own kids!

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