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Review: SWAG SCT13 MAX Off-Road Hybrid Camper

A 13ft hybrid shouldn’t have all the features that the SCT13 MAX does. For a quick roadside overnight you don’t even have to put the roof up as you can sit on the bed with the roof down.

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Swag About Town

Swag's latest offering is a perfect family getaway camper, or a spacious retreat for two.

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Camper Trailer of the Year 2020: Swag Raptor X13 Explorer

With a diverse array of permanent sleeping fixtures, a whopping capacity for off-grid resources, and a fold-out end to expand living space, this is a family camper to reckon with.

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Swag X10 Trekka Review

The Swag X10 Trekka is a nimble hybrid-style camper made with the intention of easily changing focus as lifestyle priorities evolve over time.

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Swag Sprinta Ultra-Lite Review

Is Swag Camper's Sprinta Ultra-Lite a glorious expression of modern-day Australian swagman camping?

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Aussie Swag Ultra Max

Get the Best of Everything with the Aussie Swag Ultra Max

If money is no limit for you, then the Ultra Max by Aussie Swag - a luxurious, easy to set up and reliable camper - should be at the top of your shopping list.

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Swags are a personal choice, not just on whether you choose to use one or not, but if you do, the st

Camping Swags: A Buyer's Guide

Basic accommodation in the bush can be as simple as a few folds of canvas or an elaborate structure with a frame and supports.

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Aussie Swag Ultra D

2014 CTOTY: Aussie Swag Ultra D

Take a look at his compact and versatile Aussie Swag Ultra D, a camper trailer equipped for the ruggedness of the Australian outdoor.

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Shane Adams took this used Aussie Swag camper and did it up for less than the cost of a new unit.


READER’S RIGS: AUSSIE SWAG REBUILD Check out this re-birthed Aussie Swag camper trailer belonging to

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New Pioneer Campers Verve - Off-road Hybrid Caravan

New Pioneer Verve Off-road Hybrid Caravan to launch at Outback HQ Open day in Melbourne on August 13

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Exploring Mount Pinnibar & Geehi Huts - Summits, Huts and Water Crossings

The challenge to reach the summit was successful before dropping down into the lush valleys below in search of a ripper riverside campsite.

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